Build a MarketingTrestle™

Turn your legacy Marketing program into a lead generation engine. Get out of reaction mode. Gain time & efficiency. Transform Marketing and achieve your targets.

Move through change...faster.

The legacy Marketing program that got the company to this point will hold back growth if it doesn’t change.

In high-growth companies, legacy Marketing programs must go through the same steps to unlock exponential leads.

That’s why we developed the 10 essential pillars leaders need to transform a legacy Marketing program into a lead generation engine.

Get ahead of change. And get control of your leads.

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Ways that Marketing leaders like you #trestleup

Vision & Mapping

Set the compass.

During this 1-day workshop for Marketing leaders, we uncover what’s holding a legacy program back from growth, define success, identify opportunities & gaps,and outline how to secure CEO and CFO buy-in on transformation.

Pillar support

Scale up resources.

We do the heavy lifting on one or more specific project pillars.

The pillars where we’re most asked to provide support:

  • Transformation playbook – mapping out change
  • Marketing plan – unlocking lead growth
  • Department processes & systems
  • Uplevelling the team & vendor partners
  • Customer experience

Air traffic control

Full support.

We’re embedded in your team as your transformation partner.

This is a brilliant option if you don’t have a Marketing leader in place (yet), or as a Marketing leader you’re already at capacity being an executive, or you’ve taken on other responsibilities that are impacting your time & ability to dig into transformation.

We start by formalizing the project:

  • The type of support that’s needed
  • Lead growth & target KPI priorities
  • Audit for opportunities & gaps
  • Map out transformation
  • Day-to-day team involvement
  • Measurement

Frequently asked questions:

Marketing leaders who are staring down a legacy program that can’t deliver the leads the company needs for the next level of growth. We provide expert guidance and “roll up the shirtsleeves” to transform your program faster, so you get to exponential lead growth quicker.

We can do a Vision & Mapping exercise with any company that has a legacy Marketing program. But generally, the B2C company has experienced organic and acquisition growth over the years. And most likely sit in the $20M – $500M space.

Yes! It’s common that we’re liaising with global Marketing teams, Information Technology (IT), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Business Intelligence (BI) teams, especially when developing plans, budgets, and Marketing Operations systems and processes. We get the nuances of “local” and “global” and ensure everyone is aligned for the best outcome.

Yes, the BrandTrestle 10 pillars of transformation can be incorporated into an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), like the one laid out in the book Traction, if that’s the format your company is using for change.

The cost varies based on the level of support you need. We’ll use the 10 pillars as a guide for discussion with you about the scope of work. Generally, you’ll invest in a monthly retainer that includes the transformation work that leads to achieving your goals. I can answer more questions about pricing on an introductory call.

In a client's words

"Catherine came onboard after our national rebrand to continue transforming our legacy Marketing program. Her support allowed me to lean into levelling up Marketing for another business unit, confident that the changes we needed in B2C retail were in experienced hands.   If your business is seeking unparalleled marketing direction and support that delivers real, measurable results, Catherine is the partner you need."
Terri B,
VP Marketing