About us

This is really about you and how we help solve
what’s keeping Marketing leaders like you up at night.

Our sweet spot

We love rolling up the shirtsleeves to provide expert support to Marketing leaders in companies during the Growth stage. Change can be chaotic, and that’s exactly when we want to get in the mix & deliver results.

The fancy words are ‘Marketing transformation’. Really, we’re partnering with Marketing leaders to give you the capacity to manage change and stay focused on the business and increase KPIs.

The inspiration

The flash of inspiration for Trestle came during a gravel ride over this massive railway bridge built in 1917. THIS is what we do with clients:

The founder

Catherine Hamilton has been a Marketing leader for 25+ years and has an insider understanding of corporate. She gets the dynamics of local & global teams, boards, and the c-suite. She knows multi-unit retail and how to market in partnership with sales & operations. Now she’s on a mission to support Marketing leaders with the heavy lifting during the Growth phase (you know, when you literally can’t spin any more plates in the air).

Are you ready to #trestleup?

Talk to us about the Marketing you need to transform.

Whether it’s optimizing your investment in a new brand, a Marketing puzzle that needs solving, or content in search of a strategy.

We’ll share our thoughts on how to shortcut your success.